The Second Home

About Hostel

Hostels usually feature security, social life, showers, and rooms with multiple bunks. You can find them in most countries around the world, and they’re almost always the cheapest accommodation option available to you as you travel.You’ll also often find private rooms as an option in hostels, which are an excellent choice if you don’t mind paying extra for some peace and quiet. You’ll still get the social vibe of a hostel and find it easy to make friends, but you won’t struggle to sleep like you would in a dorm room.You can also stay in more upmarket hostels, which are designed for flashpackers (backpackers travelling with lots of technology and with a little more cash to burn) and are more like boutique hotels with dorms. Here, you’ll find the rooms are clean and modern, you’ll normally have features like your own power socket and light, and the Wi-Fi is fast.Rooms seldom have in-room TV’s, but often have common rooms that do have TVs, communal computers, games, a small library, and vending machines.

Our Facilities

  • No loadsheading problem.
  • Free high pressure hot water and free usage of hair dryers.
  • Each beds is equipped with bed lamps, sockets, bed shelves and private lockers.
  • Cable TV with more then 50 programs and numerous movies.
  • fast Wi-FI is available in every room of the hostel.